Who We Are

Hello, welcome to VIPsexdoll website. Our factory is located in GuangDong, China. We have rich experience in making sex doll. In here you could find out a high-quality and inexpensive realistic sex doll. We have different types of sex dolls, such as BBW sex dolls,Teen sex dolls, chubby sex dolls, ELF sex dolls and sex dolls for festival. They are not only beautiful and realistic in appearance, but also very soft, and it fell like a real person.
Maybe you thought that these sex dolls are too expensive to afford. However, the price of sex dolls are reasonable and inexpensive, because we hope everyone can affordable it and the website will become the most cost-effective sex doll website.

In addition, we also offer free shipping, no matter what you buy in our store. We’ve rented warehouses in the United States and Europe. We would send the sex doll from the warehouse near by your location. Consequently you can receive the sex doll faster.

Our Values

  • Most realistic: made of safe, non-toxic medical TPE/ silicone, with a realistic appearance, especially vagina, butt and oral. It feels soft and comfortable, you will enjoy the whole process.
  • High quality: our sex doll are made medical TPE/silicone. The sex doll’s skeleton is durable and flexible. We upgrade the skeleton to make sure it is best for customers regularly.
  • Best service: our website offer free shipping for most of countries’ customers, and there are not “sex doll” word on the package, so you don not worry about that. Any questions, please contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.