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Medium-sized Sex Dolls

Medium-sized sex dolls can weigh between 20kg (44lbs) and 23kg (50.7lbs) and range in height from 145cm (4.9ft ) to 165cm (5.4ft). At this height is when the options start to open up such as an insert(removable) or fixed vagina, which is a feature that a lot of smaller sex dolls don’t have. The weight certainly makes them feel more authentic and natural in bed. What’s important, it is easy to use in this size.

Grace : Life Size Silicone Doll


We might have recommended Grace for several times, because she is most charming and attractive in our sex shop.

Although her breasts are smallest than other sex dolls, nevertheless, it looks symmetrical with that. A lot of customers love this type.

As a middle sex doll, Grace is 60.62lbs(27.5KG), which is lighter than other doll in 145cm.

“If you want to watch me pole dance, I will bring my skimpy, sparkly, go-go dancing girl bikinis to tease you with,” she promises. “Have you take my bra and panties off with your teeth, and then watch me dance as I sit on your cock and ride you hard to the rhythm of the music…”she said.

Alana : Vampire Sex Doll


Alana who likes to tempt man absolutely is a bitch. Her introduction

Alana has a generous booty to die for, not to mention her robust thighs and tempting F-cup breasts! Run your hands all over her soft and supple skin, it feels so realistic that you’ll be amazed. She is a Slut. She likes playing SM game and enjoys to fuck her.

“Let me tell you a little secret: I love pearls…,” she confesses. “Romance me right with lots of material things, and I will keep your cock hard for life.”

Come on, tie her up with pearls and then have hot, sweaty sex with her!

Amelia : Human Sex Doll


Amelia wants to be a bride when she is six years old, because she think that the bride is happiness. They like a price spoiled bu their husband. Now most of her friends are get marry, they always talk about how happy their family is. What’s important, she is lonely. Nobody hung out with her. So she deserves to get marry.

Today she take wedding photos at home. She is wearing a sex wedding dress fantasying she is marry her beloved man. All of us believed that her dream will be come true and she will be a bride one day. Her prince charming will take her home.

Jemma : Premium Lifelike Sex Doll


Connie is 5ft, 68 lbs. / 31 kg. It’s worth mentioning that her body is perfect. Her breasts are F cup, Hip is 33.9 in. / 86 cm, but her Waist only is 16 in. / 41 cm.

Her story: Jemma has two perfect breasts, slim wrist and big ass. She seems came out from painting. She is so classical and elegant.

She was born in a rich business family in Israel. She living in a big castle with dozens of servant. She always happy until her father told her that she must get marry before 22 years old. She is 20 years old now. She hopes to find a man who love her and live with him happily.

Although she was born in a rich family, she don’t mind whether you are rich or handsome. The only thing she care is you won’t treat her bad.

Each of sex dolls in our website is unique and they have special experience.

Our website not only have these medium height sex dolls but have others amazing sex dolls.

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